Rebuilding one step at a time

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021 the Cruso area was devastated when the floodwaters from Hurricane Fred tore through the community.  Our building wasn't spared from the waters.  Most of the church was inundated with 3 feet of water and our grounds were filled with debris.  However, the church is the people not the steeple.  

From the first day after the flood, God’s people began work.  There was a second “flood” to the church, this time instead of water it was people coming to help clean and ultimately rebuild the building.  The ministry of East Fork Baptist began in 1874 and could easily have been ended in 2021, but God had other plans.

On Sunday, July 10, 2022, at 4pm, the congregation of East Fork Baptist would like to invite the community and our sister churches to a rededication service and open house of our renovated facility at 13175 Cruso Road, Canton, NC 28716.  The evening will begin with a worship service and commissioning of the facility.  We will then have a meal and time for everyone to tour the facilities and be able to see where God’s people have worked to rebuild.

You may be asking how you can help.  If you wish to give financially, you may do so by donating through our Online Giving or by mailing a check to East Fork Baptist 13175 Cruso Road, Canton, NC 28716.  Also, keep in touch with us on Facebook, our church app, and through the website and we will update you on workdays around the church as we continue to make progress in the rebuilding efforts.