The third Commitment of the 15 Challenge is to Engage.

Commit to engaging with at least 15 people while on campus.

Many times in Scripture we see personal conversations and personal commitments.  From the many times Christ spoke one on one to His disciples, to those needing healing, to so many more.  We also see the Disciples, later Apostles, speaking to individuals that crossed their path.  One on one conversations and engagement is vital to Loving Like Christ.  

When you arrive on campus, engagement begins.  You may see someone struggling to carry everything and get their kids inside.  Stop to help.  You may see that new person who is approaching the Sanctuary, go speak.  Once inside, you may see someone who needs help, let's help them.  Ask their name.  Find out more about them.  Encourage them to participate in worship.  Welcome them.  Be there for them.